Sculpture Trail



Yallingup Galleries is situated on a beautiful 1.5 acre bush block of gum trees with many varieties of native plants and flowers. It is home to a wide range of bird life, marsupials, reptiles and insects; and a trail meanders its way from the car park around the perimeter and into the gallery.

Our dream is to open up the area and create a destination venue for visitors and locals where they can spend time admiring your sculptures and the native flora and fauna.

Keeping in mind the setting we are looking to invite Australian sculpture artists to submit their work for the trail. Chosen artists will be invited to send or visit and install their artworks. They will be promoted through our social media and website. Sculptures on the trail will be for sale and the gallery will produce a trail page on our website and booklets for visitors.


We have many areas available for sculpture display, these include the gallery gardens, the sculpture trail and external walls of the gallery buildings. Artworks can be mounted on walls, suspended from trees and secured to the ground.

Successful sculptures will sit beautifully in the bush environment and speak of an aspect of conservation or preservation of native flora or fauna. We wish to raise questions about how to sustain this beautiful region in which we live and how to tread lightly and considerately in all aspects of our lives.

For the full brief please email: