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Alan Meyburgh

Goliath Cockatoo on the Move Series

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These sculptures are made from old Jarrah  fencing posts from local farms. One could imagine how many decades these fence posts stood there, until they needed to be replaced. The wings and heads are made from mild steel plate.  These oversized pieces are intended to make a strong statement especially when there are a number of them places together. Mounted up high, they silhouette beautifully with a sky backdrop. Each piece in the series has a different wing position and shows the typical flight pattern. Even from a distance, the acrobatic “style of flight” is distinctive for Black Cockatoos. Alan's challenge when constructing this installation was to create the typical black cockatoo appearance - without over-working the pieces.  The birds are mounted on reo-bar steel rods that represent plants, and signify the birds flying through their natural habitat of the forest. 

The pieces are comprised of recycled components - every component has a story! 

Tips for transport & installation: 
For ease of transport this installation can be broken down into a number of components. Wings (un-screwed from bodies), bodie, steel rods and then the base. The piece can therefore be moved more conveniently.

Care for sculpture
The steel and timber components are treated with a simple coating of linseed oil and turpentine in 50/50 mixture. Lightly applied on a hot day. This allows the oil to penetrate and leave a thin, even film. This coating can be applied as regularly as every 6 months – this is recommended if the piece is outdoors and exposed to the elements.  Any commercially available furniture oil, such as tung oil, can be used for this application. Penetrol is reccommded for harsh outdoor settings and offers higher levels of protection and should be applied every 6 months to 1 year or if any rust starts to develop.  This care and  treatment will significantly prolong the life of your sculpture.