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Alan Meyburgh

Leafy Sea Dragon - Olive

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What do you think Leafy Sea Dragons have in common with sheep? Usually nothing, but in this case they do. At Alan's studio, when he prunes the olive trees, he cuts the branches off and feeds them to the sheep. They eat leaves, and some of the bark off the branches. Alan has selected this dragon-looking branch after the "sheep service" and has turned it into Leafy Sea Dragon. Part of a limited series, this sculpture is inspired by the beautiful Western Australian coastline, with the Leafy Sea Dragon, an iconic part of the marine life found here. Leafy Sea Dragons have mastered the art of blending into their environment and are a true marvel of nature. 

Initially the artist did not intend for this sculpture to mimic real life in this way. Alan carefully selected components by choosing an olive branch shaped like a Sea Dragon, then all the steel components were hand-cut and laid out. This is done so that the artist can form a mental picture and establish the essential "balance" in the final sculpture. 

Most of the components come from the property of a retired mechanic in the region, who has a 'motor graveyard'. While putting the sculpture together Alan wanted to portray the typical appearance of being suspended in animation, so characteristic of the Leafy Sea Dragon. 
 By using recycle components, Alan's consideration for the environment is reflected in sculptures such as this. 

The primary intention for this sculpture was to be suspended either inside or outside of a building. This is the preferred option because it allows for the intended suspended in animation appearance. However, it can also be installed as a stand-alone sculpture, or it can be mounted on a wall either indoors or outdoors.