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Alan Meyburgh

Regal Angel II

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Recycled Mild Steel
Regal Angel is a piece designed to hold a strong presence within a space and the dark colour contrasts well against a lighter backdrop.  Having grown up with the descendants of the San people (Bushmen), Alan had developed a love for ancient cultures.  This piece is inspired by traditional tribal people and has the look of a chief, therefore there is an unmistakable energy around this sculpture.
This sculpture was made on a framework of an old worn-down garden fork and is symbolic of the toil by pioneers to this region, who underwent immense hardship to develop the land. This pitchfork makes up the shoulders, arms and chest. The rest of the components come from steel plate offcuts, car parts from the legend “Nocker”, pipe (the head) and the base is an old Jarrah beam offcut. The copper plate, on witch Alan has his signature, was recovered from the Tourist Visitors Centre, when the old winery display was removed. It was called the wine-snake.