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Gary Leathendale

Ocean Light

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Image: 91cmH x 91cmW

Framed: 93cmH x 93cmW

Mixed media

About the artist

Gary was born in England and immigrated to Western Australia with his family in 1982. 

Initially working in the building industry he became disillusioned and this inspired him to pursue a creative path in the arts. He had previously enjoyed sketching a diverse range of compositions so he decided to enroll in a drawing course under the guidance of Larry Mitchell.

It was quickly established that Gary had a natural talent that enabled artistic self – exploration, not to be constrained by style and to draw from an infinite array of ideas.

As a full time artist he is a keen believer in the empirical nature of art. As an advocate of plein-air painting he often endures the elements to capture coastal, river and wetland scenes with a strapped down easel in a storm.  Gary lives in a self-imposed isolation, which allows him to be on the fringe of the “art world” with just enough distance to keep his head clear and to concentrate on his art with very little distractions.

Gary works in a variety of genres, which allows him to constantly change and mentally flex his approach to painting. He works in a variety of mediums which include charcoal, acrylic, oil and mixed media, constantly exploring new ideas of presenting his highly sought after works.  

His paintings are held in collections nationally and internationally and he has won numerous awards.

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