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Alan Meyburgh

Wind and Water

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This sculpture represents the meeting point between the waves along the shore, and the wind. The swirling of wind and water interconnects and this action affects the ocean. This in turn affects the climate of the earth.
This piece represents the natural beauty that usually exists along the coast. The continuous flow of the sculpture is intended and is a metaphor for ongoing activity between the ocean and the wind.
This sculpture has been carefully crafted through cold forging, and the artist has painstakingly bent and curved the steel to form this continuous shape.

This piece has been designed so that it can be placed in different positions, changing it's appearance and therefore it is appealing from almost every angle. The patina has been develop through heat and a blackening process. A coat of wax gives the piece a satin finish.

Care for Sculpture

Using a soft cloth, apply a thin coat of furniture wax to the sculpture every year or so - as required. Because of the "mobius" effect you can apply wax to only one side of the "band" and by the time you have finished you would have covered both sides - without switching. Try it - its fascinating. The wax will protect your sculpture from rust as well as give it a "satin" appearance. If your piece is going to kept outdoors, you will need to do the wax "trick" more often.