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Alan Meyburgh

Wood Swallow

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Burned wood and roofing Tin.

56cmH x 32cmW x 28cmD

The wood swallow is typically Western Australian bird and is found throughout the region. They are recognized by their black and grey colouring and graceful flight pattern. The Sculpture is inspired by a public art project that Alan worked on whereby here produced 40 sculptures of birds to spend it from the ceiling. This piece represents one of those birds.

This sculpture made entirely from recycled components celebrates that free movement of the bird. The body comes from construction offcuts and is made from wood and the wings and tail are cut tin roofing of cuts.

Tips for transport & installation: 
For ease of transport this installation can be broken down into 10 parts, wings (un-screwed from body), body, stems and the base. The piece can therefore be packaged and moved more conveniently.

Care for sculpture
The steel and timber components are treated with a simple coating of linseed oil and turpentine in 50/50 mixture - lightly brushed on. One can put the sculpture outside on a hot day – this allows the oil to penetrate and leave a thin, even film of oil.  This coating can be applied as regularly as every 6 months – this is recommended if the piece is outdoors and exposed to the elements. If indoors, the process can be repeated every few years. Any commercially available furniture oil, such as tung oil, can be used for this application. Penetrol is used for outdoor settings and offers higher levels of protection and should be applied every 6 months to 1 year.