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Alan Meyburgh

Totem Hovering Cockatoo

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200mH x 38cmW x 40cmD

Medium:  Jarrah Wood, Mild Steel on Melaleuca branch

This piece holds a lot of meaning for the artist, because he based it on a photograph that a friend of his, Hank Durlik, took near Margaret River. He is a tour operator, bird lover and photographer with great knowledge of these wonderful birds. Here the artist has captured a moment where the bird is about to land - they bring their tail forward and down and extend their wings back while readying their claws for the landing. 

The combination of the nature-inspired bird and the adorned wooden mounting is the artists way of amalgamating his love for nature and contemporary sculpture.
The components of this sculpture also have a lot of meaning and come with a story.  Cut from old floor boards removed from Jewel Cave and replaced, it holds historic value. The adorned branch on which the bird is mounted comes from Gracetown and belongs of the Melaleuca family of trees.