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Regina Noakes

The Bather

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Image: 51cmH x 51cmW

Charcoal, acrylic and oil on canvas

About the artist

Regina is a full time professional artist. Trained as a pianist, Regina turned to painting when she visited the island of Capri, Italy, as a young woman, and worked as an assistant to an art professor, Antonio Napoli. During that time Regina found Romanesque paintings in southern Italian cathedrals a great influence, particularly the large flat surfaces with wide-eyed figures. Her initial focus was often paintings of women, in a colourful narrative form, aspects of which continue to find their way into her painting even today. 

Painting instinctively, and drawing on personal experiences and observations, Regina’s paintings abound with people and animals whose demeanours range from the contemplative to the crazy. Her current paintings involve mainly female figures in situations, sometimes translated from childhood memories (where colourful aunts provide a rich treasure of imagery), but often drawn from suburban family life with three children, a busy husband and lots of animals in the house. 

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