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Chris Martin

Sunset over Yallingup Lagoon

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Image: 100cmH x 172cmW

Framed: 116cmH x 187cmW

Pastel under glass

About the artist

Chris Martin is an award winning Australian landscape artist. 

At fifteen he was presented with a set of pastels and immediately loved the effects he could create with them. This inspired a passion to paint and he has pursued this tirelessly over the past twenty years. Chris has continued to refine his technical skills using pastels and has experimented extensively to develop his personal vision.

He has travelled to remote and unique locations in Western Australia to source the compositions for his art. Inspired by the changing colours and play of light on the landscape he has gained a deep knowledge of this land and its nuances, and a passion for recreating his own experiences of place.

In his paintings Chris captures the rawness of nature in all of its beauty and with a deep understanding of colour, light and texture he creates paintings that are reflective of his passion for this land and its oceans.

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