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Alan Meyburgh

Scaly Mates - Many Fish in the Tree

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Scaly Mates can be bought at $950 per mate or $800 each if buying more than one.

Medium: Eucalyptus bush wood & rusty mild steel

This delightful collaborative project is an amalgamation of Perth paper cut artist Anne Gee’s story book characters and Alan Meyburgh’s sculptural genius and sense of fun. Gee and Meyburgh worked to create a sculptural representation of Anne’s original paper cut work – Scaly Mates.

Together in Alan’s Yallingup studio the two worked to carve, burn and weld these cheeky little fellas into life. It was a big learning curve and tools-of the-trade shift for Anne who swapped her usual scalpel blades for chainsaws and angle grinders. Sparks flew and ‘Scaly Mates – plenty of fish in the trees’ was born.

Installation Options

The primary intention for this installation was to be suspended either inside or outside of a building. The Scaly Mates could also be suspended from trees, the void of a building or from rafters, an alfresco ceiling - there are many of options.

The artists have visualise these fish being mounted to a wall in a scattered formation as if they were flying up the wall at somewhat of an angle, with their bellies oriented towards the wall - one could imagine this installation extending up a high wall.

Care for sculpture

The steel and timber components are treated with a simple coating of Penetrol and offers higher levels of protection compared to oil, and should be applied every 6 months to 1 year - or longer if indoors. If kept indoors any commercially available furniture oil, such as tung or linseed oil, can be used. Its best to apply this protective coating in summer, when it is warm and dry. Wipe off any excess fluid with a cloth.