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Alan Meyburgh

Predator Protect Us

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Protecting Protectors (Shark)
It is estimated that 100 million sharks are killed every year, and has become common knowledge that sharks are essential in all marine ecosystems - protecting them has become critical. This sculpture celebrates the existence of sharks.

Careful selection of components by the artist has resulted in a balanced sculpture showing a shark moving through a steel ring, and it is no surprise that this steel ring is a component used in the marine industry. The shark has been made from olive wood and comes from pruning offcuts from the trees to the main access road into the iconic Cape Mentelle Wines. Alan's friend is the gardener there and kept the thicker branches for him to use in artwork. Alan has provided three different holes onto which the shark can be mounted and it can be turned from side to the sides, giving the sculpture a different perspective every time you adjust the position of the shark. The combination of contemporary and nature inspired aspects has become one of Alan's signatures, and its proving popular.