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Alan Meyburgh

Nike Winged Victory

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70cmH x 54cmW x 24cmD

This sculpture is symbolic of freedom . Surely we have all, at some point, wished that we could fly. Flight dates back to Greek mythology and beyond.  Here the artist has selected and laid out a number of components and carefully built up the piece from the base up. After a welding it all together a few adjustment had to be made before Alan was satisfied with the overall form and balance. Then it was time to apply the artist's signature sand texture rusting technique. This took a few weeks. Rust conversion and oil finished was the final step.

Care for sculpture
The steel components are treated with a simple coating of linseed oil and turpentine in 50/50 mixture - lightly brushed on. This coating can be applied as regularly as every 6 months – this is recommended if the piece is outdoors and exposed to the elements. If indoors, the process can be repeated every few years. Any commercially available furniture oil, such as tung oil, can be used for this application. Penetrol is used for outdoor settings and office higher levels of protection.