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Ian Beniston

Mug - Iron Spot

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Dimensions: 12cmH x 15cmW x 10cmD 

ron oxide glaze is a vital element in the realm of ceramics, crafted from synthetic iron oxide to impart captivating colours.

Its unique high iron content brings a consistent brilliance to ceramics, creating a harmonious convergence of colour on both the surface and clay beneath.

The glaze offers a diverse palette, from vibrant reds to profound maroons, with a classification system denoting specific shades.

Notably, regardless of the chosen shade, the iron content ensures a uniform firing temperature, allowing Ian to experiment and blend shades seamlessly.

In essence, iron oxide glaze combines science and artistry, elevating ceramics to vessels of captivating colour and enriching the legacy of ceramic art.

As the throwing and glazing process is all hand done there are unique variations in each individual piece.

If you would like photos of each piece available please contact the gallery.