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Leon Holmes

Midday Bluffing

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Image: 19cmH x 39cmW

Framed: 43cmH x 63cmW

Oil on board

About the artist

Leon Holmes is a professional artist, lecturer and ambassador of plein air (outdoor) painting, specialising in oil as a medium. His view on representational art is clear and he states: “If you want life in your painting, you need to paint it from life. To capture the true light and colour you need to be immersed in the scene and become part of it. That’s why I think it’s so important to paint outdoors.”

Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, Leon gained experience in a wide range of artistic fields, including Printmaking, Graphic design, Art Direction, Illustration and Photography, before becoming a full- time artist and instructor in 2005, holding his first solo exhibition in 2003. 

Having spent a number of years in Europe refining his skills and networking with other artists, Leon today is highly respected and regularly invited to display his work and teach at high-profile international art events in the USA, Holland, the UK, Greece and Poland.  He has twice been a finalist for the Black Swan Prize for Portraiture (Australia) and his paintings have been exhibited around the world and showcased in international corporate and personal collections.

Leon has a natural affinity with the Australian landscape and has travelled and painted widely within his homeland, capturing the diversity of the land on canvas. Being out and about is where he gets his daily inspiration. Leon's experimental and risk-taking approach gives his works a unique dynamic and adventurous touch. His art is constantly evolving and changing, capturing the essence of the natural light while telling a story of a moment in life.

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