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Alan Meyburgh


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36cmH x 26cmW x 20cmD

Medium: Naturally Sand-Rusted Mild Steel with an oil finish

Base:   Flame-Blackened Wood Block

This sculpture signifies integration and relationships. As a community we are all integrate and that is beneficial to members of any community, in many ways. One could describe it as a type of harmony. Margaret River does this so very well.

Alan has focussed on the form of this sculpture and how positive and negative space is occupied. The piece barely touches the base, giving it a sense of balance, lightness and mobility. All components are recycled,  every component has a story. The rusting process on the surface is a technique Alan has developed through trial and error – and leaves the piece with a sandy texture. 

Care For sculpture
The steel and timber is treated with a simple coating of linseed oil and turpentine in 50/50 mixture - lightly brushed on. This coating can be applied as regularly as every 6 months – this is recommended if the piece is outdoors and exposed to the elements. If indoors, the process can be repeated every few years. Any commercially available furniture oil, such as tung oil, can be used for this application. Penetrol is used for outdoor settings and office higher levels of protection.