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Alan Meyburgh

Birds in Collaboration - MRROS 2023

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Media: recycled mild steel and peppermint wood

Size: 240cm x 100cm x 70cm

Birds have perfected the art of collaboration and living gregariously and is a source of inspiration for Alan. This sculpture depicts birds flying in formation, and taking advantage of thermals, to stay up in the air. Designed to be viewed from any angle, one should consider placing the piece centrally.

We often find that sculptures have a preferred angle from which they are to be viewed, so here Alan has ensured that this sculpture is viewable from all around. The curved rods of the central structure spiral upwards representing thermals and the wind. They synchronize with the nine circling birds, doing the same thing - and this brings about an amalgamation in the sculpture.

The base of the sculptures constructed from an old car brake drum, and the steel rods were found discarded at a construction site.

The birds bodies were made from peppermint wood and were pruning's from the property of one of Alan's clients in Busselton.

The wings and tails are also the offcuts from gutters and roofing, from a construction site in Bunbury.

To finish the piece off, Alan has burned the tops of the bodies to give the wooden bodies a two-tone effect, often seen in birds.

These components have been carefully selected and every one has a story - the story of the sculpture and it's meaning is of high importance to Alan.

 Raised with a waste-not-want-not mentality, Alan believes in repurposing and in reusing, and is pleased to know that recycling in art is now becoming popular.

Care for your sculpture:

The metal parts of the sculpture have been treated with a rust converter, primer and sealer and then received a light coat of linseed oil. The Wooden parts of the bodies received an oil and wax finish to give it a bit of an antique look. If the sculpture is to be placed outdoors it will need a regular coat of oil to keep it protected and looking good - every 6 months is recommended. If placed indoors it probably needs and coat of oil / furniture wax every two years or so.