Invest in Early and Mid Career Talent: Discover Our Featured Artists

In the vast world of art, where established names often dominate the scene, it's easy to overlook the wealth of talent emerging from the realms of early career and mid-career artists.

At Yallingup Galleries, we believe in celebrating the journey and potential of these rising stars. Here we shine a spotlight on four exceptional artists who are making waves with their unique styles and perspectives.

Shannah Mitchell

Daughter to renowned artist Larry Mitchell; Shannah’s impressionistic style captures the subtle nuances of her coastal and urban surroundings. Immersed in art from childhood, Shannah's dedication to her craft has led to a professional career marked by recognition and success. Her paintings shed light on the overlooked beauty that surrounds us all.




Reif Myers

Born in Maui, Hawaii, Reif Myers' artistic journey began at a young age, influenced by his artist mother, Jos Myers and surfer father. His modern art blends bright colours with humour, often depicting scenes from beach culture. Reif's work is best described as art to be enjoyed, inviting viewers to engage with the painting and discover new stories with a smile.




Chris Martin

Award-winning Australian landscape artist Chris Martin fell in love with pastels at the age of fifteen and has since dedicated himself to capturing the raw beauty of nature. Inspired by the changing colours and light of Western Australia's landscapes, Chris's paintings reflect his deep connection to the land and sea.




Georgia Loxton Knight

With a lineage of landscape painters in her family including mother Isobel Loxton Knight; Georgia’s art explores cognition and memory through bold and punchy representations. Drawing inspiration from the beaches where she lives, Georgia's works invite viewers to dive into dreamlike waterscapes and fragmented recollections.



At Yallingup Galleries, we believe in nurturing creativity and supporting the future of the art world.

We invite you to explore new perspectives, forge meaningful connections, and enrich your collection with art that speaks to your soul and presents a savvy investment opportunity.

Visit us at Yallingup Galleries or browse our website to discover more about these artists and their artworks.

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