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Alan Meyburgh

S-pike Barracuda

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33H x 161W x 11D

Medium:  Bush Wood & Rusty Mild Steel 

This sculpture is part of Alan's UggFish series and this is the first of its kind. They are his fun pieces, and his focus is to reveal the character, while not over-working each piece. If you were a fly on the wall, you would see him smile and often laugh as he sees the character develop.  The artist's love for the ocean, fishing and art come together to provide joy and meaning for this sculpture.

The components of this sculpture also have meaning and come with a story.  From a perfectly split piece of bush wood, with knobs and all, comes the body of this fish.  Having held onto it for years Alan knew what it was going to become. The fins and tail come from an old oil drum that lay in a wrecking yard, in Busselton, for years. How it was acquired is probably worthy of a fire-side story, and it starts with a dodgy wrecking-yard car dealer. 


Meyburgh's hope for this sculpture is for it to be moved around within its forever home. It can be hung on a wall, inside or outside, and can be suspended from beams, ceiling or void inside - or outside from structures or trees. 

Care for sculpture

The steel and timber components are treated with a simple coating of Penetrol and offers higher levels of protection compared to oil,  and should be applied every 6 months to 1 year - or longer if indoors. 

If kept indoors any commercially available furniture oil, such as tung or linseed oil, can be used. 

Its best to apply this protective coating in summer, when it is warm and dry. Wipe off any excess fluid with a cloth.