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Alan Meyburgh

E-Tern-al Traveller

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Arctic Terns are incredible travellers and can migrate up to 80000 km per year. If you look carefully at the natural design of this bird you would understand why they are so efficient in flight. Alan's love for seabirds is no secret and the tern is one of his favourites. These birds are regular visitors to our coastline. 
This piece has been designed to look effortlessly suspended in a moment in time.
That body of the bird has been carved out of an old pallet - and who know where that pallet travelled before it reached Alan's studio. It looked pretty beat up. The wings, tail and beak are hand-cut from aluminum sheeting lying around in the studio.  Alan's love for the environment sees him using recycled and repurposed components where ever he can. 
The base is limestone and is formed from consolidated sand dunes 1 million years ago, this tamala limestone found along the coastline is some of the youngest limestone in the world. Every component has a story!
Once Alan's put the sculpture together he use a blackening product to patinate the aluminum components and burned the wooden body to darken it. He then mixed white paint with water and gave the sculpture a wash to ensure the typical grayish tone of the tern. Finally the piece has been finished in wax - this time a bit of clear kiwi polish did the trick. 
Care for your sculpture:
This sculpture will require a coat of furniture wax or clear shoe polish (gently brushed on, and buffed with a soft cloth)   every few years - as it is an indoor piece.