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Tanya Cole

Continue the Journey of My Ancestors

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Oil on Canvas

120cmH x 70cmW

This gorgeous girl's mum and her photographer both kindly gave me permission to paint her daughter. I am so incredibly grateful; it was an absolute honour and privilege to paint her.


Her mum titled the painting and told me the following story…

"That's her tribe she has painted on her face the Rirratjingu (Marika) tribe. The painting represents the Wawilak sisters who walked the land and created our country."


With this piece, I continue to explore and celebrate beautiful Indigenous Australian children. They hold an innate connection to culture and the country which calls to them, connects and guides them. In turn, the children connect and care for country and nature.


I care deeply about the children’s wellbeing and champion all that they are and will become.

-       Tanya Cole