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Audrey's Vespa

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Image: 92cmH x 92cmW


Oil on canvas

About the artist

Darren Doye grew up in Bendigo, Victoria. Influenced by Americans Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol and Robert Motherwell, as well as Australian greats Arthur Boyd and Sydney Nolan, Darren became an artist after a childhood love of drawing. 

Darren has a keen interest in the Australian landscape and way of life. His recent work has focused on the rivalry and irony between urban and rural Australia. Through the use of iconic architectural references Darren’s work evokes questions relating to what it means to be Melbournian? 

Darren often places the urban landmarks within rural landscapes, which pays homage to the artist's country roots. The inclusion of grass covered paddocks alludes to the continuing urban sprawl and the implied lifestyle of new housing estates on the urban fringes of Melbourne. 

Darren’s use of iconic references combined with the woodcut printing technique encourages the viewer to read and personalise the narrative, evoking feelings of nostalgia.

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