Unique Handmade Jewellery at Yallingup Galleries, Australia

When selecting ranges for Yallingup Galleries I often wonder what is it about jewellery that has attracted the attention of people all over the world for 25,000 years.

Jewellery wearing is truly universal, spanning centuries, cultures, beliefs and traditions. It has the ability to carry meaning, reflect personalities, change mood, inspire others, convey social status, provide protection and express faith. 

We talk about great investments in fine art but jewellery is often overlooked. A carefully curated, diverse collection can be a great source of value, both financial and sentimental. 

A 5ct diamond can have less value to its wearer than a friendship bracelet made out of twine, while a gold engagement band handed down through generations may be considered priceless, regardless of the price of gold. 

Personally, I view jewellery as art that travels with me through life. When choosing, I am drawn to pieces that are unique and that carry a meaning and energy from the artist. I like to understand why they brought certain elements together, and what story or inspiration has driven their process. If their vision reflects something important to me, then I know I have found a great fit.

Our range of jewellery in Yallingup Gallery is something I am very proud of. We offer jewellery to suit all budgets and styles, with unique items, limited editions and carefully crafted ranges. Each jewellery artist has been selected because of their vision, creativity and excellent craftmanship.

As an ocean artist myself I am drawn to the diving inspired pieces of Keiko Uno. Her intricate designs are created out of a passion for excellence and the unique synergy of the youthful liberated Australian spirit and traditional Japanese principles, Keiko’s jewellery exudes confidence, sophistication and allure.

Rita Winkler is an incredibly creative local designer who is inspired by nature and architecture. I once asked Rita if she sketches her designs before starting work. She told me when she sees a stone she can instantly see the creation before her and she transforms into metal what has already been put into form.

New to the gallery this August is Sarah Zel Chosloe a local artist who gives deep meaning to her work. Each item is infused with intention to connect with your soul. Her empowered designs are inspired by sacred symbols, ancient cultures, universal laws and travel through faraway lands.

If you are looking for a uniquely crafted investment then Stuart Penny’s collection of gold jewellery is for you. Stuart’s work features pearls, diamonds, precious and semi-precious gems as well as archaeological found objects. They are detailed, well crafted, sometimes whimsical with inspiration derived from timeless ancient patterns, textures and forces of nature found in the Australian landscape.

For timeless, elegant beauty Willie Creek Pearl provides us with a stunning selection of Australian South Sea Pearls. Thought to be the most revered pearl in the world for its stunning lustre, colour and size. Willie Creek Pearls farm Australian South Sea Pearls just off the coast of Broome.

The first piece of Western Australian jewellery I bought was by Kerryn-Leigh. She creates bespoke, handcrafted jewellery to connect to a person's senses on every level. She uses silver to ribbon around each hand selected natural crystal. Kerryn says ‘Each piece has been carefully made to attune the Universal Life Force and frequencies.’

For the beachcomber enthusiast we have Kim Christian. Her jewellery pieces capture beautiful ocean treasures and memories. Each piece is unique and she hopes her jewellery pieces connect people with nature.

For jewellery that helps reduce plastic waste in landfill we have Grace Hummerstrum who uses manufacturing discards in her work. Her jewellery expands the boundaries of wearable art and body adornment through the experimentation of recycled materials and use of different art forms. 

These artists are just a selection of what’s on offer at Yallingup Galleries. Whether it’s a sentimental gift, inspirational story or just a piece of beauty you are looking for, we believe we have something for everyone.


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