Press Release: Kim Maple, Shabbi & Liz McKay Exhibition 1st - 16th July 2023

A wonderful collaborative exhibition featuring three inspiring women artists, working in a diverse range of colours, textures, and forms. View an eclectic display of paintings and free form ceramics in a beautifully curated group show. Each artist drawing their enthusiasm from the beauty of memories, surroundings, and environment.


Bio: Kim Maple uses strong and bold colours in her paintings to express a contemporary appreciation for the unique Western Australian landscape. Her powerful works were initially inspired from memories but have now developed into a broader statement to capture the passionate nature of our environment in all its forms. Kim states, “Trees give a sense of place, a timelessness of the land.” Working in oils, she looks to simplify elements and push boundaries. Abstract in composition and structure, while balancing the shapes and colour within the space, Kim builds rhythmic movements across her canvases using layers of colour and glazes. 

Artist statement:

“Ancient Xanthorrhoea's. It was the interesting shapes of these slow growing grass trees with their fanned head, black trunks and sometimes twisted ways. Dotted throughout our landscape they show great caricature and strength.  

In contrast to the tall straight Jarrah and Karri trees in the southwest forests. They're a special treat just growing in Australia, their strength is that they are able to withstand the harsh environment of drought, poor soil and fire and have found a way to survive.” – Kim Maple


Bio: Liz McKay’s vibrant works draw their essence from smoky bars, sultry jazz singers, romantic couples, European cafes and childhood memories. Characteristic of Liz’s painting style is the attention to expression and colour. The focus of the paintings is the intriguing expressions and interaction between the painted figures, which invite the viewer to explore the unwritten thoughts and feelings between them. 
Liz McKay has created a unique perspective on the emotional connection between music, colour, shape and mood, to creating unusual and compelling images.

Artist Statement:

“This vibrant body of work draws it’s essence from hazy bars, sultry jazz singers, romantic couples, European cafes and memories. A collection about love, imagination, and music.” – Liz McKay


Bio: Inspired by a short hobby course in ceramics many years ago, Shabbi developed a love of clay. The smell, the feel and the positive outcomes of working with clay were fundamental in her passion to create forms reflecting nature. Her passion to re-create the beautiful rock formations nature has provided, the rock pools, pebbles and the native bushland are evident in her sculptural pieces. Shabbi applies unique techniques to achieve her tactile and organic finishes. She works entirely by hand using coils of gritty clay to build her pots. The pots are finished with mediums such as seaweed, copper wire, salt, salt laden bandages and ferric chloride then fired in a saggar which is often, simply, alfoil.

Artist statement:

"Shabbi’s affinity with nature and the inspiration she gathers from the Australian landscape has helped create this collection of work.  From the red dirt of the northern deserts to the iridescence of the ocean’s blues, Shabbi captures the natural environment in every piece."  


Unveil the creative ethos behind the awe-inspiring works of Kim Maple, Liz McKay, and Shabbi. Each artist carries a unique perspective and creative process, providing layers of depth to their masterpieces. Dive into their artistic journeys, understand their inspirations, and explore the narratives they weave through their creations.

Exhibition Opening: Saturday 1st July at 5pm.

Open 10am – 4pm every day until Sunday 16th July.

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