Press Release: Chris Martin Exhibition


Yallingup Galleries is thrilled to announce the second show stopping exhibition under new ownership.

Chris Martin – Solo Show

Wednesday 28th December – Sunday 15th January

Experience the rawness of nature in all its beauty, through Chris Martin’s artwork which reveals his deep understanding of colour, light and texture. He creates paintings that are reflective of his passion for this land and its oceans.


From a young age Chris grew up in an environment where he was constantly exposed to fine art, working in the presentation of leading Western Australian artists.  It was at the age of 15 he received his first set of pastels. Chris is now an award-winning artist, known for his iconic Australian landscapes.

“I have always been led by how the natural environment presents itself.  It is on one hand limiting but at the same time unlimited. It is for this reason I spend much of my time immersed in the landscape. Often many days or weeks will be spent on location trying to understand my visual and emotional connection to the landscape.  In doing so my aim is to not only create a visual reference to the landscape but also an emotional reference”. – Chris Martin 

“My process is often convoluted and chaotic. As a young artist I had to do away with the idea of a "process ". I wanted to create artworks that were organic and felt real. However, having a process for something as chaotic and erratic as our natural environment wouldn't work.

Instead, I like to let the environment dictate the process.  Paying close attention to patterns and details such as the refraction in water or the light through a forest. Then represent that in a two-dimensional form. This approach has led to an ever-evolving technique and process”. – Chris Martin

This Exhibition focuses on beautifully captured moments in time. Often, days spent on location waiting for that moment when the landscape would unveil its raw emotion and grandeur.

Join us in celebrating a talented young Australian artist, with paintings of some of the most beautiful locations in Western Australia.

Exhibition Opening: 5.30pm Wednesday 28th December

Open 10am – 4pm every day – until Sunday 15th January.

All artworks will be available for purchase via an online catalogue from 18th December at


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