Larry Mitchell, Maki Horanai, and Shannah Mitchell Easter Exhibition

Dates: Saturday, March 30th to Sunday to April 14th 2024

Opening Evening: 5pm, Saturday, March 30th

Location: Yallingup Galleries, Cnr Caves Road and Gunyulgup Valley Drive, Yallingup, WA

Yallingup Galleries is thrilled to announce an upcoming exhibition showcasing the extraordinary works of three exceptionally talented artists: Larry Mitchell, Maki Horanai, and Shannah Mitchell. The exhibition will run from Saturday, March 30th to Sunday, April 14th, with an entertaining opening evening scheduled for 5pm on Saturday, March 30th. Come and meet Larry and Shannah and enjoy discussions on their process in our beautiful bush location.

Larry Mitchell

Ā Abhrolhos Pigeon Island Larry Mitchell


Larry Mitchell is one of Western Australia's most celebrated artistsĀ who grew up in Northampton, Western Australia. It is here that he developed an interest in the coastal environment, where he spent his formative years beachcombing, fishing and diving up and down the west coast. His iconic seascapeĀ and landscape paintings resulted from this relationship and eventually developed into what Larry calls his "One Degree Centigrade Project" and "Limestone Coast Project."Ā These projects draw attention to important environmental issues, his large-scale realist paintings are a poignant assemblage that document places and cultures under threat from global warming and the homogenising influences of globalisation.

This collection by Larry Mitchell is profoundly personal, a testament to the significance of 'home' and its transformative power. Through his art, Mitchell eloquently portrays the healing journey of reconnecting with one's roots, emphasising the enduring comfort and rejuvenation found within the embrace of home. In this body of work, through arduousĀ times, he "painted his way home'.

Mitchell's art is proudly represented in public and private collections across Australia and overseas, reflecting his commitment to raising awareness through his evocative creations.

Maki HoranaiĀ 

Ā Renaissance Mystical Maki Horanai


Born in Japan, Maki Horanai brings a unique blend of oriental and western sensibilities to her enchanting paintings. Exhibiting widely in Australia and beyond, Maki's works, characterised by intricate iconography and symbolism, draw inspiration from the high renaissance era.


Her paintings, rich with symbolism, defy categorisation, creating a world that exists both nowhere and everywhere, in reality and dreams. Maki's acrylic paintings, reminiscent of tempera and gold leaf, portray figures in stylized and dreamlike landscapes, inviting viewers to explore the intricate and complex layers of her artistic expression.

Maki's symbolic lexicon remains open to interpretation, with the significance of her compositions inviting fresh perspectives from each viewer. Her works, both technically graceful and conceptually wistful, echo ancient tales and unveil stories revealed in the painting process.

Shannah Mitchell - Coastal Impressions

Rottnest Island Shannah Mitchell


Shannah Mitchell, a landscape painter from Western Australia, finds inspiration in the picturesque blend of local, coastal, and urban environments. With an incredible ability to paint with both realism and loose, impressionistic techniques, Shannah's art captures the nuances of light, colours, and textures that often go unnoticed. Her artistic journey, rooted in her childhood in Geraldton, Western Australia, reflects a lifelong passion nurtured by her artist father, Larry Mitchell. Shannah is creating a name for herself with her own unique delicate brushwork, expressing movement and flow and affirming an emotive sense of place.

After completing her Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts in 1999, Shannah's commitment to her craft remained steadfast. Transitioning into a professional career in 2019, Shannah operates from her coastal home studio in Coogee, continually evolving her artistry and captivating viewers with the beauty that surrounds us all.


Join us for an immersive art experience from March 30th to April 14th, as we celebrate the diverse talents of Larry Mitchell, Maki Horanai, and Shannah Mitchell.

The opening evening on Saturday, March 30th at 5pm promises to be a memorable event, offering a unique opportunity to engage with these remarkable artists and their evocative creations.

For more information, please contact:

Emma Skinner

Yallingup Galleries

(08) 9755 2372

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