Press Release: Roslyn Hamdorf and Maki Horanai Exhibition

Yallingup Galleries is thrilled to announce the first exhibition under new ownership

Maki Horanai & Roslyn Hamdorf
Saturday 19th November to Sunday 18th December 2022

This exhibition will bring together the works of Maki Horanai and Roslyn Hamdorf - showcasing the combination of East and West, renaissance and abstract, dreams and reality and the strength both women have to their work.


“It is the tension, balance and erosion within landscapes that I want to capture. Landforms that bump up against each other or have been thrust to the surface with great force. Huge shifts in energy over time or the power involved in moving a shoreline each and every day.

I start most paintings with a clear idea and plan, then I change direction, get lost, lose hope, do a U-turn, chastise myself, wonder if I will ever get home and promise myself not to stray again, yet know, next time that is exactly what I will do”


Maki Horanai came to Australia in 2005 from Japan, living and painting in Queensland and having one or two exhibitions each year, and developing a following of her art. People often ask her, “What are you trying to say here?” Or “What is this painting about?” Or “What were you thinking when you painted this?” But it’s important for people to remember that Maki does not express her art in words, so the meaning of her work is not in these answers, but in what each person can discover in her art.

Still, here are some of her words...
"For this exhibition, one of the key concepts in my mind is “trees” and movement, birds, wind. I’m always surprised by what I see.
Something is always going on there. Sometimes I can see figures in my imagination on top of the trees. My mind is captured. I can’t go there in body, but my spirit can go there and there is a message there - not in words, but in images . The world, our body, nature - all is somehow connecting. Even just one branch of one tree has a world there.”

Join us in celebrating these exceptional Australian artists with important pieces to invest in.

Exhibition Opening: Saturday 19th November at 6pm Open 10am – 4pm every day until Sunday 18th December

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