Press Release: Larry Mitchell & Leanne Pearson Exhibition

Larry Mitchell and Leanne Pearson

Saturday 8th April to Wednesday 26th April

This exhibition will bring together the works of Larry Mitchell and Leanne Pearson. Both highly acclaimed Western Australian artists, known for their finely tuned technical brilliance and exceptional skills for composition.


Larry Mitchell is a self-taught artist who grew up in Northampton, Western Australia. It is here that he developed an interest in the coastal environment, where he spent his formative years beachcombing, fishing, and diving up and down the west coast. The seascapes and landscapes that resulted from this relationship eventually developed into what Larry calls his one-degree centigrade project – an ongoing attempt to record, through large scale realist paintings, the places and cultures that are under threat by global warming and the homogenizing influences of economic and cultural globalization.

The skill and ability to paint ‘through the water’s surface’ has contributed to why Larry Mitchell is known as one of the most iconic landscape painters in Western Australia. This exhibition includes three exciting new artworks from Larry Mitchell’s ‘Limestone Coast Project’. A concept heavily influenced by environmental issues and a deep respect for our coastlines. This new project will be an ongoing collection, with some pieces destined to be part of the Maritime Museum.


Leanne is one of Western Australia’s leading portraiture artists, a passionate painter who mainly works in oils. Leanne has won many prestigious awards in the 20 years she has lived in Perth Western Australia. After teaching art at home and in the community, she created an online art membership platform, which teaches all the basics in oils and adds new monthly teaching videos.

Leanne is known for her amazing portraits which grace the homes of many Australian and international families. Her work revolves around expressing light and this she skilfully does with her unique bravura brushstrokes and her exceptional use of colour.

This body of work by Leanne Pearson speaks of the nostalgic beauty of the Southwest, depicting scenes from our local Yallingup coastline and the joy and memories it creates for so many. A collection of artworks which will evoke and resonate with so many visitors to our wonderful region. 

These two prestigious artists are internationally renowned painters producing some of our most collectable artworks from Western Australia. Don’t miss the opportunity to see these incredible artworks teamed together in one breathtaking exhibition.

Exhibition Opening: Saturday 8th April at 5.30pm

Open 10am – 4pm every day until Wednesday 26th April.

All artworks will be available for purchase via an online catalogue at

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