It is often said that it is the people who make a journey, not the destination, however for me, it is definitely both, for it is the landscape and surrounding environment, which shapes the people who live there, whether at the foot of the tallest mountain range in the world, or isolated in the desert.
This journey was an incredible experience, that cannot be summed up effectively in the form of a quick video. The landscape that I set foot in, and the people who I was fortunate enough to meet all helped in allowing me to appreciate foreign cultures and traditions, but to also strengthen my personal values.
I hope that this video goes some way to capturing just a taste of what I was lucky enough to experience, although to truly see a country, one must actually travel there, taste the food, listen to sounds, smell the scents, soak up the sights, but most importantly, you must embrace the moment that you are in.

Music By: Cinematic Orchestra

Camera Used: Canon 5D mkii

Lenses Used: 14mm f2.8L
24mm-100mm f4L
100mm-400mm f4.5-5.6L

Rory Malcolm