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Tanya Cole

Spirit Guided

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Image: 76cmH x 61cmW

Original Oil on Canvas

About the artist

Tanya is passionate about telling story through her paintings, to connect, bring hope, peace, beauty and joy to people.

Figurative, faces, and florals dominate her work, to capture and convey expressive, colourful and meaningful portrayals of children, nature and story. Placement of the subject is positioned to maximise the canvas with colour and a composition that gives the viewer a real sense of the presence of the person or floral arrangement being in the room with them.

Tanya moves between both acrylic and oil depending on the overall effect and message she feels is needing to be conveyed. Her technique ranges from quick, expansive and expressive gestures with the brush in her florals and figurative work, to detailed and deeply layered rendering in her faces/portraits.

Tanya states, “It is my desire to open my own heart, mind and spirit when at the easel, so that the painting becomes infused with the joy and love of creating which becomes palpable as well as felt, in the hearts, minds and homes of the viewer.”

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