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Deborah Zibah

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Image: 121cmH x 90cmW

Industrial enamel, ink, crayon on panel

About the artist

A dynamic artist of passion, purpose and integrity, Deb is inspired by the colour of life and its Creator.  Her work is a reflection of an exuberant, energetic personality, deep spiritual awareness, a joyful expectancy and optimism with a profound respect for our beautiful planet and fellow man.

Deb engages with her paintings with more of an emotional response to the subject, theme and environment she finds herself in.  Her intention is to capture the immediacy of the feelings that she is experiencing in the moment when faced with the substrates and materials at hand. Deb draws on bold, expressive, gestural form, colour and mark making, to describe her responses. 

The concept and execution of design and tonal value is paramount to the production of her work. Her great love of surface structure and tension, always leads to seeking to discover new ways and techniques to enrich the quality of her paintings. Scrapers, wire wool, sand paper, collage, sharp implements are just some of the tools used in the creation of her works. 

The large-scale nature of many of Deb’s paintings expresses the restored hope and joy of creating again and immersing herself into the fullness that life has to offer. 

Deb states “The eclectivity of my art is my natural progression of an inquisitive mind, continually seeking new, unexplored vistas”.

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