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Krim Benterrak

Cable Beach with Tide Out

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About the artist

Krim Benterrak was born in Marrakech, Morocco and his interest in painting was formed in his own Berber Culture. It was further influenced and developed during his studies at the Ecole Superieure Des Beaux Arts in Paris from 1972 to 1976.

He migrated to Western Australia in 1976 and established an immediate intimacy with the local landscapes because they brought back memories of Morocco. Krim states “Any sense or understanding of the landscape can only come from the landscape itself and such understanding can best be developed in consultation with the people indigenous to that area”.

Krim’s passion to paint is not just to fulfil his sense of place but also his sense of balance. His landscape paintings inspire a connection through emotion. Krim has an affinity with the Kimberley landscape because it is still pristine and has had minimal impact by man. It has the purity and the beauty of a natural state. These are the same characteristics Krim believes an artist is trying to achieve with his work.

Krim believes that creating a work of art is a scientific process and with the first mark he draws on the white canvas he creates a problem for himself. This then requires a solution, and that is when the process of creativity really starts – using different ingredients and techniques (colour, texture, form, washes, impasto etc.) to solve the problem. When the problem is solved the painting is finished. He believes that each of the paintings he has created for the past 35 years are like the pages of a book and that the book one day will be the story of his life.

Krim’s work is not limited to landscape and his expressionist and colourist techniques extend to other genres, like the still-life and the nude. He has travelled extensively through the north of this country and his passion for these remote areas is his inspiration to paint.

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