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Tamorin Lavers

A Look at Dyrholaey, Iceland Vyk

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Image: 28cmH x 75cmW

Framed: 48cmH x 94cmW

Pastel under glass

About the artist

Tamorin has developed a painting style that is strongly influenced by her childhood years moving around Western Australia with her professional fishing family. Using soft pastels on paper and oil paints on stretched canvas, childhood memories and whimsical Australian scenes reflect her work. 

Tamorin’s use of pastel provides her with a fast and gratifying medium to represent the ‘magical’ simplicity of childhood in all of its vibrancy. The artist states that “To paint in oil provides a more involved, slower medium where she can immerse herself in the discovery of the artwork.” Recent directions have seen her works become larger and more contemporary, with applications of paint and texture being applied upon canvas to encompass both views above and life within our beautiful environment.  

Tamorin describes her art saying "My artworks come from a happy and contented place. I live in a beautiful corner of Western Australia situated between the beach and the bush with my wonderful family. I have my own art studio tucked away in my back garden, and it is there that I often hide away and produce works of mostly joyful or beautiful properties. My works may change in time, but for now they are very much focused on what I find happy, beautiful, funny or colourful”.

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