Obtaining a Diploma in Art from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Ian worked as a graphic designer and illustrator in Melbourne and Canberra for ten years. 

He moved to WA in 1988, first to Cape Range National Park near Exmouth and then to the Perth area. He continued to work as a freelance illustrator and artist, preparing artwork based on Western Australia’s natural history. In earlier years his paintings were in a more traditional style, but he has moved across to abstract, enjoying the freedom from visual references.

In his art Ian attempts to deconstruct the Western Australian landscape into simpler picture elements of form, line, colour and space. Using their interplay he composes an aesthetic, abstract design whilst attempting not to destroy its identity and mood.

Ian makes no political or social comment in his art.  His work is focused on the beauty and expanse of the WA environment and our place within it. The reality and consequences of our impact provide another layer of interest.


Diploma of Art-Industrial Design, Royal Melbourne Inistitute of Technology,  Melbourne, Vic