Prior to migrating from Germany to Australia 20 years ago, Erwin was already creating collages with found objects. He carried a small box of “treasures” with him in his travels such as watch parts, mother-of pearl buttons, broken antique jewellery and small discarded objects.

These precious objects, along with the influence of a dressmaker grandmother, became his inspiration to make jewellery.  Jewellery became the “alchemists dream, the transmutation of base substances into gold”. This was a mythical quest to convert ordinary found objects into something precious.

Following on from the artists’ first exhibitions in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s there was the inspiration to integrate a love of poetry into the works.  As the artist began collecting old prints, magazines and sheet music, the beginning of “wearable poetry” was born.  Words, forms, patterns, street directories and scripts were set behind individually cut pieces of glass to form miniature mosaics with cryptic content.

“Wearable Poetry” became the title of Erwin’s next Exhibition in 1995.

The glass mosaics for necklaces, brooches, tiepins and cufflinks are set in silver.

The earrings comprise a variety of different materials to work around the mosaics, which include the links of watchbands, bits of antique jewellery, guitar strings and chains. They are all set in resin on a brass base, finished with resin and mixed with colour pigments.

Every piece of jewellery tells a story and is an original and unique work.