Boyd was born in Kalgoorlie and grew up with a strong connection to the desert landscape.

As a painter Boyd works in various mediums, constantly driven to develop his painting style. However, and with an on-going fascination in silver as a decorative precious metal, Boyd has recently explored this passion through experience with a contemporary metal workshop to further develop his skills.

He practices new designs in silver smithing while using traditional smithing techniques that date back to the 16th century to produce contemporary silver smithed hollow forms. Some pieces he produces are functional and others explore more the idea of form over function. Using hammers he has modified gives the silver a very distinct surface that can be beautiful and wonderfully tactile to the touch.

Every piece is original, from design to production, and is hand worked solid silver.

Boyd states “My enjoyment comes from the creativity of design and in honing my technical skills. Equally important to me is the hope that the buyer will get the same amount of pleasure from owning a unique item of handcrafted stylish silver”.