Gabriella’s jewellery designs are strongly influenced by her origins. Born in Italy, and surrounded by ancient art and culture instilled in her a passion for ancient cultures. It also brought her to the realisation that you need to understand the culture of an audience to be able to create jewellery they can identify with.

Following her move to Australia, Gabriella decided to combine her background in Psychology and Art to create her jewellery. Her designs are fluid, organic and slightly whimsical, and convey a strong cultural and environmental message.  It is a philosophy that stems directly from the person behind the work.

Initially researching her designs, then sketching them and making wax moulds, Gabriella then casts and finishes them. Working with wax enables her to gain the floral details and fluid lines that are indicative of her style.

As an artist, Gabriella finds inspiration in different ways, and refers to her work as “mood design”. To stimulate ideas for her work she takes walks in the bush and looks to nature.  She loves lines that flow, the brilliance of light and the colours around her. Her preferred materials are opals and pearls and she describes her work as a blend of Etruscan and abstract lines.