Andrea Isaac graduated from Curtin University in Perth in 1993 with a BA in Art and has since worked in the jewellery industry, both in her studio practice as well as in sales in related art and jewellery businesses. She was a winner of the City of Perth Art Award as well as having designs selected for the Premier’s Gift Commission Project and taking part in exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

Each piece is uniquely designed and handmade using only the best materials, finest quality handpicked gemstones and occasionally organic compounds. Working with gem collector David Raill a unique collection was conceived. Be it a more traditional, classic or clean and modern design, the pieces withstand fleeting trends and will provide  many years of enjoyment and admiration.

Andrea has an appreciation and interest in the developments in contemporary jewellery and design. She is also interested in travelling and exploring the jewellery of different cultures and often collects special gems and unique pieces that may complement her designs.

Artist Statement:

I am intrigued by the contrast and the tension of the organic, natural free forms versus the human made and designed, trying to marry the two into unique classic pieces.

Living in the Southwest of WA, we are very fortunate to be able to experience and observe changes in nature all day, every day. The Western Australian native bush has a very unique flora and fauna and the beautiful and dramatic shapes and colours of WA coastlines inspire me to explore and interpret them over and over again.

The colours and clarity of light are reflected in the brilliance, sparkle and uniqueness of the precious and semi-precious stones I love to use.