Greg Tothill is an acclaimed artist whose lineage boasts artists, potters, poets and teachers and rumour has it that his mother’s family can be traced to the famous 18th century poet, artist and printmaker, William Blake. Inheriting these artistic talents, and through exposure to his mother’s passion for art and creativity, Greg excelled in art through his primary and high school years.

 He recalls an enthusiasm for drawing despite a lack of interest in school and became known as “the kid who could draw”. Following High School, he attended night school classes at Perth Technical College.  His focus was drawing, design and product illustration. During this period, he explored alternative employment options including experience as a law clerk for a prominent law firm. Ultimately, he made the decision to pursue studies in Graphic Design and Illustration at Curtin University.

 Greg received a number of prestigious design awards during his years as a student. In his third year, he accepted the offer of part time employment at Curtin University and, upon graduating, was employed as a Design Consultant specialising in corporate design. 

 During his 20’s and 30’s Greg was debilitated with an immune condition and was unable to paint. It was during these dark years he developed an appreciation of the profound beauty of light, and its wondrous effects on all things. Colours of the sky and landscape took on new emphasis, even the most mundane of objects looked beautiful under certain lighting conditions. Greg believes the artistic eye is constantly evolving and during these most challenging years there appeared to be an accelerated maturation taking place. 

 Greg states that “My artistic journey has, to some extent, been hobbled with some major obstacles I have had to overcome, however, my art has been a great source of pleasure and a source of healing in my life. Painting is an outlet for expression and communication as well as a rewarding distraction from the noise of daily life. When one is deeply involved in painting the mind is fixed on nothing else. Further, the sense of accomplishment when one has successfully completed a painting is very reassuring and, of course, compliments received add to the sense that painting is indeed a worthwhile pursuit. I think, in all honesty, I would be totally lost without painting in my life.”