Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Alix Korte is a contemporary, realist artist now residing in Australia. After completing studies in Graphic Design, Alix worked in advertising, moving to London and working for a magazine publisher as a junior designer and cartoonist.

  Alix has become renowned for her bold, colourful artworks that reflect her love of beautiful mark making and dramatic composition. These skills were developed during her years as a Graphic designer and Illustrator. Using Impressionistic style brushwork, Alix strives to capture the mood using acrylic underpainting and then oil paint in thin washes with some heavy impasto work over the top. 

Many of her paintings include compositions of water. Alix is inspired by the vibrancy and fluidity of the water and its reflective, transparent nature.   

Her portrayals of working dogs, farm animals and sea birds was a passion developed during her childhood years.