With the majority of her work focusing on portraits or the animal kingdom, Michelle begins each canvas with no preconceived idea, letting the image suggest itself over time.  Layers are composed using free brush strokes, stamping and stencilling. Transparency allows these background layers to come to the forefront, and this challenge’s existing ideas about how an artwork progresses.


Michelle's process is playful and constantly evolving. There is a conscious intent to move away from perfectionism.  Michelle builds up layers in her work by painting freely and spontaneously, often using her fingers to apply the paint and letting the colours run and move.  


Colour plays a central role in all of her work, with combinations emerging instinctively.  The colour in her artworks is bold and almost audible in its intensity.


At the core of her creative process is the need to create beauty. Michelle hopes that depicting the beauty of the natural world will bring happiness and healing to the viewer; an antidote of sorts for the negativity in the world.