Jaes is a self-taught designer and illustrator who appreciates living in the south west and an area that encourages creativity and self-expression. He has been an artist for twenty five years and has experience working in ink, oil, acrylic and watercolour, creating drawings and paintings using mixed media. Jaes finds inspiration through the natural law of entropy, traditional folk art, religious art and symbolism in an artwork, believing that art as an image is a symbol that represents, stands for, or suggests an idea, visual image, belief, action, or material entity.

As an artist Jaes strives to produce an authentic and symbolic representation of the complex connectivity between himself, nature and the universe. His fascination with the world’s natural irregular balance appeals to his eye in a balanced way and inspires him to seek an authentic equilibrium in his work. Jaes is captivated by the ability of symbols to communicate complexity often with the simplest representation.

As a salty old sea dog, reincarnate, Jaes has often created works that reflect his passion and love for the marine culture and his connection to Fremantle. In 2017 his work was chosen to be published by OOSB in "Under the Sea" a coffee table book that explores artistic interpretations of work by an extensive array of artists from around the world, all focusing on the themes of 'octopus, sharks, mermaids, turtles, whales, sea monsters, ships, shipwrecks, pirates, and other sea life.'

His connection to his now true home town is explored through his current works.