Born in England, Crispin Akerman came to Australia with his family in 1966 where he spent his spare time in the bush, drawing, painting and playing music.  He spent many years in the music industry but decided in 1989 to pursue his lifelong interest in the visual arts.  He received a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the Canberra School of Art in 1992 and subsequently concentrated on painting as a professional artist.

Crispin breathes life back into the tradition of still life painting with his perfectly executed arrangements that are beautifully depicted and hauntingly real. Influenced by the local history and natural environment of the region his compositions are deceptively simple: he arranges carefully chosen objects, creating a sense of tension and balance. His compositions are comprised of domestic items such as ceramics, fruit, drapery and enamelware as well as native Australian flora to capture a sense of quiet contemplation, history and beauty.

While the works are largely observational, the arrangement of the objects is highly constructed over underlying geometries, allowing for the exploration of harmony, balance, tension, light and atmosphere.  His paintings explore their intimate nature in a non-specific location.  The elements of this genre that Crispin finds so interesting are "the contemplative potential in it, the suggestion of the kinetic in the static, the metaphysical promise present in the very words, still life