Michael starts with a drawing and can tell straight away if it has 'something'. He states “My best work happens immediately without too much fuss. I have always loved the feeling of working with my left hand even though I am right handed. Painting provides me with an amazing feeling of freedom and this inspires the paint on the canvas. 

People are attracted to my work because there is a connection for them. I write words on all of my paintings and if these are honest then they will resonate”.

Michael states “The most important thing in the creative process is to know yourself. I need a spiritual connection with my work. This connection is referred to in the name that I paint under, ‘Vayu’. This is reflected as my spiritual name”.

Recent Awards

2008     Finalist Black Swan portraiture prize in Perth for his portrait of Warren Anderson 

2008      Selected for the Salon de Refuse for his portrait of Martin Sharp

2006      Finalist Robert Jacks Drawing Competition