Prior to becoming a full time artist Lisa Cox was teaching children, a career that allowed her to be creative and imaginative. After having her own children, her love affair with painting began and she studied art whilst raising her young family. Lisa's whimsical style developed over the next few years and her inspirations continue to evolve. However, her core influences are her children and her passion for colour, fabrics and ever changing fashion and design.

As part of her continually developing style Lisa has created new works involving moulded resin discs set on a framed metal background. These pieces are unique, colourful and structurally diverse, creating individual original pieces of sculptured art. Lisa is in a constant search for new forms of mixed media to put on canvas along with exploring new ideas and topics. As Lisa states “It is like a big science experiment for me watching the new reactions that happen using the inks in the resin”.

When Lisa was young she had an imaginary person who lived in a painting that hung in her home.  “I like to think that my paintings speak to others in this same way. That they evoke stories of beautiful places and happy times”.