Residing in the south - west for forty years Peter has always had a fascination with glass and his passion for this has continued to unfold through time.  The background to his current work with hot glass began in 1975 when he was introduced to stained glass work.

During the ensuing years he explored the realms of lead lighting and copper foiling, creating a diverse range of works. His interest in hot glass began in 1990 when, to complete certain pieces he required handmade components. This encouraged the introduction to Alan Fox, who was amongst only a few practising glassblowers in Western Australia. Peter’s own work developed gradually through the relationship.

Peter is now creating a wide variety of individual pieces that are constantly evolving.  His inspiration comes from the endless possibilities created by the fluidity of the medium in which he works.  He states “I find it exciting to be able to call into being new ideas for both functional and decorative pieces.”