Hiromi is a Japanese calligrapher and origami master.  She has travelled extensively throughout Australia and this has inspired an appreciation of and connection to the Australian landscape. This passion combined with her Japanese heritage inspires and influences her artwork.

Hiromi creates beautiful works that incorporate origami utilizing pearls and other mediums to provide a uniqueness to each piece. Her framed works are three dimensional within an organic environment of powerful movement and colour transitions. Hiromi’s works require the assemblage of meticulously folded Japanese papers, calligraphy painting, stippling and washes.

This comes from the ancient Japanese cultural and art traditions, particularly textiles and calligraphy. Using the technique of Origami and Japanese “Washi” papers with calligraphy inks Hiromi transfers her inspiration into contemporary new works.  A traditional design influencing her works is the making of “1000 cranes” as a symbol to wish for happiness, good luck and peace.  Each artwork is infused with a specific message indicated by its title in Japanese and translated into English.