Maria Leoni and Nicky Vonk, both originally from London, established themselves as the jewellery partnership Leoni and Vonk in 2002. Their jewellery line has become widely recognized, publicised and acknowledged for the distinct and unique designs, creating statement jewellery for the contemporary woman.

Designed and created in Australia by Maria and Nicky, Leoni & Vonk jewellery has been described as the epitome of understated elegant designer jewellery. Their jewellery designs incorporate sterling silver, quality freshwater pearls and semi precious stones used in an original and distinctive way to create timeless pieces of jewellery.

Specialising in limited editions, each piece is lovingly handcrafted by the designers themselves resulting in unique sterling silver jewellery of the highest quality. Vintage finds and treasures are often incorporated into these pieces to create one off vintage inspired necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
The designs evolve naturally so that an element of one piece will find its way into another design, making the piece of jewellery instantly recognizable. Leoni & Vonk sterling silver and semi precious jewellery is designed to inspire every woman who wears it with a feeling of femininity with a contemporary edge.