Ian Mutch is a designer, artist and illustrator. His artworks are created from a mix of drawing ink, acrylics, watercolours and spray paint. Wild brushstrokes and layered backgrounds are detailed with entertaining illustrations that include whimsical characters, trees, birds, animals, pop culture, colliding universes and patterns.

Drawing ink is traditionally applied with a small quill, portraying a combination of dreamy characters, critters, animals, patterns, stories and random items. The resulting work holds beauty on two levels - it can be enjoyed from a distance, while also entertaining the viewer with tiny details close up.

Ian has worked with various clients and agencies, now enjoying the freedom of freelance design, illustration and art.  He has joined hands with design and art industry professionals as a speaker at Agideas Melbourne, the Design Institute of Australia and Semi Permanent. Ian also designs and co-produces a contemporary art magazine called Kingbrown.

His artwork has won awards, given life to public spaces, and featured in well known publications.